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Damn u ♫give it ♫good ♫
This is a members only community. Celebrity icons, banners, .psd's, tuts, moar. This comm was originally inspired by Katy Perry and all the awesome shit she does. Due to my new current obsession with Paramore and Hayley Williams and all the awesome shit they do, this community is INSPIRED by them.
Credit is required because I like seeing what I do posted everywhere and see my name attached to it. Yes it is purly selfish but awesome too. There will never be bases here, as there's a community for that. Please don't hotlink! Please don't claim as your own or manipulate my graphics in anyway.
I like requests and challenges, so let me know if there's something you haven't seen but want to. Anything Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox related is at my Conjourn.

profile♠ ♠The Conjourn ♠whenmyeyesroam

*Profile tweeked just a smidge by me.
Shia Take My Hand Banner made by me.
Layout by scholarslayouts
Hayley Welcome Banner made by me.
Katy damn.you.give.it.good Banner made by me.

Hayley Love Never Lasts Banner (community banner) made by me.